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We have combined our services to better serve you

Therma-Scan of Michigan, LLC

31000 Telegraph Road, Suite 240

(NE corner of 13 Mile)

Bingham Farms, MI  48025


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Breast Thermography

Only Authorized Mobile in Michigan

Therma-Scan of Michigan


click below on ADELPHA or THERMA-SCAN to be redirected to the appropriate scheduling page


Note: Due to unprecedented number of scans coupled with unforeseen events at Therma-Scan in Arizona, and the loss of

two analysts, results are currently taking 8-9 weeks. If a medical emergency, please order a STAT

Cell Phone: Each appointment is identified by name and phone number, preferably cell. 

Case History: You will be sent a link to fill out a case history online as well as a link for your Preparation Instructions. Again, please read all communications thoroughly to ensure an accurate scan. Note: you will be required to enter a physician: MD, DO or PA on your case history. If you do not have one, please call our office to schedule your appointment.

Name Change for Existing Patients: if you have changed their name since the last appointment please call or email us with their previous name to facilitate combining your records and ensuring you have a comparison report.


Adding thyroid or carotid scan: For the Bingham Farms location, you can add these scans when you schedule by clicking the appropriate appointment type on the next page (see link below). For the Adelpha mobile unit to add a thyroid or carotid scan, please call or email us after scheduling. Note: only the breast history is currently automated and online. We will email you the appropriate case history(s) for added scans.


Preparation Instructions: Thermology is an evaluation of the levels and patterns of the skin's temperature. Only Therma-Scan locations nationwide perform this additional test over other interpretation companies: the cold-water stress test. This is an evaluation of the physiological behavior of the blood vessels. To achieve an accurate evaluation, 3 days prior to your scan you should avoid conditions that can cause an adverse influence. Be sure to mark your calendar accordingly to avoid those activities on the Preparation Instructions. A link to these will be provided.


Fees: Your fee (listed individually) includes an email copy of your report (encrypted PDF format), as well as a copy to your MD, DO or PA of choice. Additional copies or printed hardcopies are $10 each. All fees are listed on the next page you will be directed to. Any additional scans in the same visit (a carotid or thyroid) are discounted $25 each. 

Results: are typically generated within 5-10 business days. A rush order (called a STAT) is always available for an additional $35 per scan and is generated within 1-3 business days. Exception: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, better known in this office as Breast HEALTH Awareness. Physicians from all over the country and Canada use that time of year for advertising and promotion of their individual offices. Therefore, Therma-Scan Research Laboratory in Arizona who interprets the scans requires more time for processing the results from mid-October through most often December. The turnaround time for results can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks. We recommend having your yearly scan prior to the second week in October to receive your report on a timely basis. Again, as always, a STAT for an additional $35 is available and your report is generated within 2-4 business days that time of year.


Insurance: Insurance companies view breast thermography as preventive care as well as experimental and will not cover it. The Procedure code (CPT) we use is accepted, however when the claim is reviewed it will be denied. Note: Health Savings Accounts from work do cover our fees.


If you require an appointment time outside of the times listed, please call: 248-593-8700.

We endeavor to accommodate medical emergencies when the location requested has flexible office hours.


To schedule with: ADELPHA MOBILE UNIT or to review the Mobile Locations: CLICK HERE



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