Each appointment is identified by your name and phone number (preferably cell, no need to type a "1" in front nor to enter any spaces or dashes). Your report is generated with this name and it is best to have it match with your medical records at the physician's (MD or DO or PA) office we will be sending a copy to. You will also receive a copy of this report by email (hard copies of your report are an additional $6). If you had a scan previously and changed your name since your last scan interpreted by Therma-Scan, please call or email us with your updated information to enable us to include your prior history in your report.

Once you click on the type of service you want below you will be interacting with our scheduling program. You can add (called add-on) a stat, which is a rush order, or you can discuss with us at the time of your appointment the timing of your results and other types of scans and make any additions then.    Notice when you have more than one scan performed at the same appointment, only the costs of the second or third scan are reduced to $140.

Your final page (confirmation) on this site upon scheduling an appointment gives you the option to CREATE AN ACCOUNT (see bottom of page). This additional step is for new patients as well as returning patients and will make scheduling easier in the future and support us in coordinating your previous thermography results. The instructions below will be repeated within the TWO EMAILS you will receive. The first confirmation email - including instructions about our location -  is generated instantly; the second is generated by us within 24 business hours containing a link for your case history as well as a link to the vital PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS. If this is your first appointment with Therma-Scan we recommend reviewing the Preparation Instructions before schedule your appointment. Thermology is an evaluation of the levels, patterns and behavior of the skin's temperature. To achieve a meaningful evaluation, you should avoid conditions that can cause an adverse influence and these are listed on the Preparation Instructions.

RESULTS/REPORT: Your fee includes an email copy of your report (pdf format) directly to you as well as a copy to your physician. We can mail a hard copy of your report to you instead for an additional $6. Please note October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, better known in this office as Breast HEALTH Awareness. During the fall season physicians from all over the country prefer to do their scans in October to "promote" their office. Therefore the Therma-Scan Lab oftentimes requires more time for processing the reports. We recommend having your scan prior to the second week in October to receive your report within one to two weeks. By mid October the turnaround time for reports can be upwards of six weeks unless a stat is ordered for an additional $35 and is generally received within 3 business days by email.

INSURANCE: Since thermography is considered by insurance companies as preventive medical care, it is not reimbursed by them. There is what is called a Procedure Code (CPT) that we can use and they will verbally say that code is valid, however when they review the claim and see it is for BREAST thermography they will decline it. A typical insurance company response (after our being in business for almost 50 years) is that this is still experimental.


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