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Therma-Scan of Michigan, LLC

  31000 Telegraph Road, Suite 240

Bingham Farms (aka Franklin), MI  48025


Adelpha Breast Thermography


Jamestowne Properties at 13 Mile on Telegraph


SR wrote: "Easy, confidential, comfortable. This is much more accurate than a mammogram in early detection. I will continue pay out of pocket to be able to direct my own course, and not let progression choose my fate." Dr. David Brownstein

Was surprised at how simple and quick the process was. No touching or smashing of the breasts was great, pain free!! V.B.

"I had a great experience yesterday for my Thermascan. The last one I had was a different company, with different equipment, and it wasn't the best experience, they couldn't get the measurement right, my shoulders sit lower than most people, so they were struggling with the equipment and I sat there a long time feeling self conscious and exposed, especially in the brightly lit room.


The new location is really nice, I like they are using the ice water method, I feel it is more thorough and it doesn't matter how low your shoulders sit. The room was also dimly lit and there is a screen to sit behind, it was much more comfortable and I didn't feel so exposed.


Andrea was wonderful! She was so easy to talk to and kept me from feeling nervous. She also chatted with me while my hands were in the ice, so it didn't feel like it was too long. She was so kind and made the whole experience so much better than the last place. I was really dreading my appointment, and now I'm feeling so much better about next year's appointment. Thanks Andrea for being so good at what you do. ❤️"  J.H.

..."very informative, friendly and professional. The experience was quick and easy. Thank you. I will be recommending this to friends and family." AC

DH shared "Had an absolute great experience. I'm sorry but I didn't get the young lady's name who greeted me and gave me the test. She was so personable and & I really enjoyed the conversation. She was very easy to talk to explained everything thoroughly. Thank you."

From SF: "Andrea is a fantastic person to have doing this job. She was friendly, considerate and made me feel about as comfortable as a person can when they are there :)"

WK wrote: "Great experience !! Love the new location and the lady who helped me was very accommodating to my needs."

Excellent service! Very kind and informative. I would highly recommend them!!! AL

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