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Linda Allchin, RN, Managing Partner

Frances Sterling, DC, Managing Partner

Andrea McQueen, Thermologist Technican

Becky Brown, RN, NP, Thermologist Technician

Owners Frances Sterling, DC & Linda Allchin, RN

        Frances Sterling, DC    Linda Allchin, RN

Linda graduated from Grace Hospital School of Nursing, Windsor, Canada. Her 30 years as a critical care nurse in Canada, the US and several years abroad led her to the "world of alternative medicine". In 1990, with a deep desire for her patients to heal and empower themselves, Linda began exploring alternative methods for maintaining health. She trained in therapeutic massage, subtle energy techniques, and allergy elimination obtaining an advanced certification in Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). Since 1997 Linda has also become advanced certified in Bio-SET, Jaffrey-Mellor Technique and the highly sensitive, energetic NeuroModulation Technique. She continues to offer these gifts with phone consultations only.

Linda has enjoyed connecting with everyone as our primary thermologist for our mobile locations from 2011 through 2021, and now serves our greater community combining Adelpha Thermography with Therma-Scan in 2019 as co-managing partner with Fran.​

Fran worked in executive recruiting in New York for 15 years, then inspired by a life-altering healing experience she entered and graduated chiropractic school in 1987. After 10 years with two highly successful practices, she accepted a one-year assignment in Michigan for a start-up non-profit organization. There she met Linda and they opened a multi-disciplinary center: "Pathways to Wellness" in 1997. Although that venture has closed the friendship remains! 

Fran has been Executive Director of an energy-based seminar firm, co-partner of an EMF protection company, held roles for two non-profits and remains on the Board of the Conscious Living Foundation. 


Always passionate about supporting women's health, she is now co-managing partner with Linda for Therma-Scan, and proud to bring quality medical thermography to women and men throughout Michigan.

Our lead thermologist photo

Andrea McQueen

Andrea is a gift we happily share with you. She joined us in 2019 when we expanded and relocated from Birmingham to here in Bingham Farms. We are in awe how she found us through a posting to a private Facebook group she had no connection to! Yes, truly a gift. After undergoing a stringent and extensive training program here at Therma-Scan, Andrea has far surpassed our standards as well as taken on the on-site management. Now that Therma-Scan Reference Laboratory has moved the interpretation aspect of Therma-Scan to Arizona, to have someone of incredible character to operate and manage this location on her own is quite the feat. Yes, did we mention a gift to us all.


Always striving for the best, prior to joining our team Andrea became a Certified Medical Biller only to quickly learn it was unrewarding.  Why? We have all come to realize she shines best when utilizing her true strengths: connecting with people in a way to bring ease and joy to everyone’s hearts, as well as a few laughs! Her quick problem-solving abilities are excellent, most likely fine-tuned by raising her five beautiful children who keep her active and young. She also loves books, crocheting and caring for what she refers to as “her quiet children”, her plants.

Becky joined us in 2022 to support all the Adelpha Thermography locations. Those of you who have been to our mobile locations previously know the extraordinary way Linda has connected to each and every one of you. This is why we are thrilled to introduce you to Becky as their life experiences and devotion to caring for people are deeply aligned.

Becky graduated from Butterworth Hospital School of Nursing with her RN Diploma. She


Rebecca Brown, RN, NP

went on to earn a Bachelor and Masters Degree from the University of Michigan in Nursing. Her professional career has spanned over 40 years and has included everything from hospital nursing, mentoring and teaching nursing students, working as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and working in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector providing education and clinical support to physicians and patients.

Becky has always been interested in natural and holistic health including of course having her own breast thermography done here at Therma-Scan for over 10 years. 

After retiring in 2019, Becky briefly enjoyed some travel until Covid came on the scene. During that time, she realized how much she missed contact with patients and working in the health care arena. This is why she is extremely excited to have joined our team, even as excited as we are to have her on board!


Our challenge in surpassing the stringent requirements of Therma-Scan Reference Laboratory who has been the industry leader since 1972 is to find individuals who emulated integrity, attention to technical detail and possess the world’s best people skills on the planet. We are proud and excited to have both Andrea and Becky as part of our team and we can easily say their infra-red camera and computer skills for thermography are among the best in the country.