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Where did we go for our first personal breast thermography decades ago? 


To the BEST of course!

Therma-Scan Reference Laboratory: From the beginning we valued this vital interpretation service above all others. Thus we knew from the moment we made the personal commitment to educate woman about their healthy choices for breast screening, and bring this valuable service to our community, the level of integrity and expertise we demanded for ourselves was the only service to offer to other woman.


Informed women are now requesting thermology from their health care practitioners at greater and greater numbers.


Doctor informing woman of test results

Therma-Scan of Michigan & Adelpha Breast Thermography supports Physicians and Practitioners in offering this valuable, safe, early detection technology to everyone at our Bingham Farms location

or in a trusted office near you!

and opening a mobile unit across Michigan in 2012 til today as the managing partners of the regional Michigan office has been the same:

Empowering everyone by providing the best, most professional, non-harmful, earliest

breast cancer screening possible. A safe and effective choice for all women and men alike.


Now we offer this service at our regional office or in their physician’s or health care professional’s office in any of our mobile locations, as well as offering our Bosom Buddy Party opportunities. Did anyone say free scan! 


To the professional: provide expert quality thermography in our regional office or in your office with our mobile unit, offering the premier medical thermology analysis expertise of Dr. Philip Hoekstra.


Partnering with Therma-Scan Reference Laboratory assures quantitative consistency and reliability vs. other interpretation services who utilize more qualitative imaging cameras vs. radiometric camera, are not consistent or do not even offer the autonomic challenge, and who specialize in marketing, training, equipment sales or other businesses. Therma-Scan on the other hand sets the highest standards, specializing in medical thermology, diagnostic clinical imaging and interpretation ONLY! 


Our mission from the day Dr. Phil Hoekstra and Therma-Scan Referance Laborary asked us to assist in spreading the word

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