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Carotid & Thyroid Scans

Our primary focus is on breast health awareness and breast thermography as an adjunctive screening test for all women and men.

We do offer both carotid and thyroid evaluations, in particular when referred by your physician. We are also surprised at how many woman ask us about a carotid study for their husbands because of statistical stroke incidence and their non-compliance when it comes to a visit to their MD.

These areas lend themselves to accurate thermographic evaluation due to the increased vasculature (blood vessels) close to the surface of the body.


While 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer, it is alarming to learn 1 in 5 develop a stroke.


As reported (Influence of Age and Health Behaviors on Stroke Risk: Lessons from Longitudinal Studies:J Am Geriatr Soc. 2010 Oct; 58(Suppl 2): S325–S328) "It is widely accepted that stroke is the most common life-threatening and disabling neurologic disease to affect elders in the United States today ... The risk of stroke is substantial, often deadly and for the majority of survivors, disabling ... With an ever increasing elderly population, stroke-related health problems and their impact on quality of life continue to be a major issue for health care providers and the communities they serve."

It is actually the third most common cause of death in the developed world due to atherosclerosis primarily. Most individuals who have had a stoke often have high blood pressure often referred to as a silent killer disease as it has vague and/or no symptoms.

Thermography offers a non-invasive, painless, fast and highly objective way to screen for indicators of atheroslcerosis. This is by evaluating the internal carotid artery, the first branch of the carotid artery which feeds the orbits of the eye as well as the sinuses. Ask us for more details about stenosis and thermography's high sensitivity (detection ability).


Again, due to the dense vascularization and location near the surface of the body we are able to evaluate metabolic activity in relation to the thyroid. Oftentimes the common symptoms of weight changes, sensitivity to temperature, hair loss and many other common symptoms are related to thyroid disorders. These patients often present with vague symptoms of fatigue with no other indicators.

Physicians refer patients for thyroid scans as a means for a non-invasive monitoring for many reasons including when sub-clinical (unobservable) symptoms are present.

Thermography can offer monitoring for treatment programs as well as being a non-invasive means of screening cancer from benign cysts.

Infra-red thermography for Carotid/Face Study
Infra-red thermography for thyroid
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