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Lymph Scans / Covid19 

Our focus continues to remain on breast cancer, carotid & thyroid screenings.

LYMPH STUDIES AS DESCRIBED BELOW MUST BE REQUESTED BY YOUR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL. A SCRIPT OR REQUEST SHOULD BE FAXED TO US AT: 248-566-2062. This scan was offered during the pandemic as a courtesy. Thus we no longer offer it unless we have a medical request.


We had added a new lymph scan in addition to our alternative breast, carotid & thyroid thermography the Covid19 pandemic. As with all of our scans there is no radiation or touching thus it is safe at any age.

NOTE: based on medical suggestions women are being asked to have their mammograms prior to any mRNA vaccinations due to the 11-16% of women who develop inflammation due to the vaccine. As we are not looking for inflammation but rather blood vessel responses (nitric oxide and attenuation variants), this does not pertain to having a breast thermography.


Regarding lymph scans: lymphadenopathy precedes symptoms according to case reports of COVID-19 RNA-positive individuals. For those who choose to use higher dosages of supplementation at the onset of an illness or therapeutic steam inhalation with or without essential oils, this can offer advanced time for implementation.

The Therma-Scan Reference Laboratory Clinical Director, Dr. Phillip Hoekstra has generously

offered this LYMPH SCAN. Here is what he has shared with the medical offices (referred to as network partners) across the country who utilize this premier service:

"Some long-standing Network Partners have asked me to help them with patient care pertaining to viral infections. They are frustrated by the strict guidelines that limit access to specific viral testing; recall, in the past, we offered an evaluation of the superficial lymph centers in the neck, axillary and inguinal regions. The case reports of COVID-19 RNA-positive individuals indicate a lymphadenopathy prior to the onset of any symptoms and a prognostic to the severity of their symptoms.


Adapting to our ‘interesting times’ and for a limited time, we will be pleased to offer a thermology study of cervical and axillary lymphatic centers as an objective gauge of immune activity. Of course, this type of study isn’t specific to indicate any specific virus but it may assist your clinical evaluation of patients. We will process all of these studies STAT without the usual additional STAT fee charge throughout March and April."

Covid 19 protein spikes
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